Skip & Sha'ron Leingang

Who Are They ?


 Skip & Sha'ron have been married 45 years.

     They have one Son, Joe, who is married to Jennifer, and they have 3 wonderful grandchildren. 

     Sha'ron & Skip live in Federal Way, Washington.

     They work together as they read for others, so you get 2 psychics and mediums at the same time.

What Do They Do ?

Sha'ron & Skip both, are well known as Psychics and Mediums.

They are recognized for the Psychic Reading and connecting with those on the other side. They both are Ordained Ministers, and have performed countless weddings, funerals/celebrations of life, and other services

Skip & Sha'ron are are published authors, and have written a book about Ghost Hunting, as well as other articles and lesson plans. They are Paranormal Investigators with over 40 years experience.

They are Teachers, in that they conduct approximately 5 to 6 classes each year on various topics in the Metaphysical and the Paranormal

Skip & Sha'ron are Radio Show Hosts. They host a weekly radio show. (Click here to listen to the archives at" rel="noopener" target="_blank">

Sha'ron & Skip live in the Seattle / Tacoma area, (Federal Way), and they have presented many lectures on the Metaphysical and the Paranormal, across the United States and Canada. They've Lectured at colleges, schools, audiences as large as over 600 persons, on television, and on radio. They've even taught "Energy Movement" to students at Dojo's.

As Ghost Hunters, they have taken groups of people on hundreds of Ghost Hunts

Sha'ron & Skip are both, Reiki Masters

They have worked with Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, and Individuals, in several states, as Crime Consultants. They've worked on missing persons cases, murder cases, and fraud cases, as Psychics and Mediums

They have a proven track record of solving murders, crimes, and locating missing persons

Skip & Sha'ron have worked as Personal Consultants for missing persons, in private family abduction cases also

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Private Readings


   Sha'ron & Skip have been married for 45 years.

 They are both Psychic / Mediums.

Their backgrounds in life was very different until they met. They quickly discovered their path together in life.

They  have performed tens of thousands of readings, performed countless  marriage ceremonies, burial ceremonies, hosted radio shows on multiple  stations, made several appearances on television, authored books and  articles, and have worked with the police and other organizations and  other private citizens, to help solve crimes and find missing persons.  They also conduct several classes and workshops throughout the year and  host many special events.

Sha'ron was born with her gifts and abilities, and it comes natural to her.  Raised in a Christian based and very loving home, her family values  weren't particularly religious, but more spiritual in nature. She has  used her empathic and intuitive side to help others, when she sensed  their needs and could fell their energy.

This often left her feeling vulnerable from others, but she eventually discovered how to prevent that.

Sha'ron has used her gifts as part of her normal everyday approach to life, and to help others.

Skip was not born with his gifts and abilities, and was raised in a Catholic based home. 

(but we won't hold that against him).

His gifts and abilities came after a motorcycle crash in 1976, with a  severe head injury, and a profound near death experience. 

Sha'ron worked with Skip using her natural born gifts. She explained to him, and showed him what gifts he was given through his accident, and how to use them for  the good of others.

     Together they have found that they are connected even more than normal, through their Psychic Ability.

      When reading for others, they read together. They find that their connection to Spirit is stronger, and their messages deeper and more  informative.

They conduct private sessions and group events for - Readings, Talking To The Other Side, Group Events, Classes, Workshops, and more.

    Sha'ron and Skip have clients in 47 states, and 8 countries. Their  readings are either in person, or on the telephone.

The  cost of a private session is $150.00. All sessions take anywhere from 1  hour to 1  1/2 hours. All readings are digitally recorded and then emailed to you, for you to listen to over and over again, at your  leisure.


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