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While the Psychic Spectrum takes the work that they do, very seriously, and with great pride in the quality of materials that they present to others, The Psychic Spectrum also hold the following to be true.

The Psychic Spectrum cannot and does not consider itself, it's presenters, helpers, readers and practitioners, to be a reflection of the Psychic Spectrum's beliefs and practices. 

The Psychic Spectrum further recognizes that it is not responsible for any information disseminated by those mentioned above, or any actions, practices, or techniques used, by anyone who receive such things from the Psychic Spectrum, it's presenters, practitioners, helpers, and readers.

Any and all information gleaned from the Psychic Spectrum's events, should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

Above all else, for the decades of work that the Psychic Spectrum has done, integrity, honesty, education, and spirituality has always been the cornerstone and foundation of our organization and work. 

We truly believe that everyone has these gifts, and through education and practice, it can be developed and used for good in each persons life.