Client Comments


 From: Vicky 

Hi Skip & Sha'ron, I really enjoyed our meeting last night.  It was especially nice to see everyone, especially after being alone for months. It was very exciting hearing all the important information that comes through both of you....amazing and helpful.
When it became my turn, I felt that this is going to be really special...and it was.  You both connected to my dear great-grandfather George Washington Ward.  I was six months old when he held me and passed away shortly after that. My mother said there was an obvious connection between us..  

 From: Pam 

Good morning Sharon and Skip, I had dinner last night with Melanie and Brad and they told me about coming to your home for a reading.  They loved it, and I thought you should know that the friend that they ask you about that his son had killed himself has turned his life around since Brad called him and told him what you said his son said.  I wanted to thank you for what you do.  You made a difference in his life. 

From:  Bobbie 

Hi Skip & Sha'ron. Thanks for the zoom event. Sorry my computer fouled up at the end. Thanks for talking to my dad and Bill. I enjoyed watching after I got back online. Bobbie

From: Suzanne

Thank you for your skills to connect with the other side and generosity to provide a free gathering!
Abundant Blessings, 
Suzanne and Suzette 


I am feeling well and doing fine. I am sick of this virus and hope it goes away for good!
I haven't talked to you since I lost my sweet son almost 6 yrs, on June 1st. I really enjoyed my talking with you and yes I will contact you again.


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